Saturday, 24 November 2012

Jonathan Fails Nigerians Again On Stable Power; Gives New Date

"Presently, we are generating more than what our transmission capability can evacuate. We have over 1000 megawatts of power that we cannot evacuate because of the transmission infrastructure that have been weak over the years and it was very recently that government started the intervention.

“But, we have projects that are going on, so before the end of the second quarter, almost middle of next year, most of these projects would have been inaugurated and we will be evacuating power generated.

Ojukwu’s Eldest Son Drags Wife Bianca To Court; Claims N100m

Chief Debe Odumegwu-Ojukwu, eldest son of the late Biafran warlord, Chief Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu (Eze Ndigbo Gburugburu) has slammed a N100 million suit on the widow of his father, Bianca and six other members of the family.

He alleged that they prevented him from performing the dust-to-dust rites during the burial of his father, and also prevented him from managing his estate.

Husband Returns from Night Vigil at 3am, Catches Wife In Bed With Male Lover

A man who had gone for an all-night prayer got the shock of his life when he caught his 'faithful' wife pants down with a neighbour on his bed at their matrimonial home. The incident is said to have happened at around 3am.

“The two lovebirds’ timing was wrong as Maskiri decided to return earlier than expected and he caught them in the act. He then alerted some neighbours who proceeded to report the matter to the police,” said a witness.

Can ex rivals ever be real friends?

                              2face and Annie Idibia                                  Sunmbo Ajaba and 2face Idibia. They have two boys together                       
Not to cause any drama, just sincerely want to know what you guys think. Can two women who at a time shared one man and have children by him, ever be real friends? I'm not talking about being cordial with one another, I'm talking about being friends, remembering birthdays, hollering at each other on Twitter etc. You read their tweets, and you're like, WTH??? 

Husbands Are Pushing Their Wives Into Sex With Strange Men – Married Woman

I'm in a similar situation too but mine is somehow different. I'm also married for 2yrs now i love my husband so much hence we got married after sometime he started misbehaving probably cos i didn't have a job then.(even though i was engaged with some other things so i wouldn't be idle and look lazy).

He treats me like trash, talk about his other female friends all d time, giving them more attention etc. I managed to swallow all that. As if that wasn't enof he picks on me unnecessarily, finds fault in nothing. My husband who is supposed to be my best friend became or is a stranger to me. The bond is no longer that strong.

Jail is too good for Nigerian pastors - by Abimbola Adelakun

Found this article in Punch. Written by Abimbola Adelakun  (
Recently, the Daily Mail, UK, had a feature on Bishop David Oyedepo. He was accused (alongside his son who ‘manages’ the UK branch) of fleecing worshippers by making “spurious claims” and “cynical exploitation of the gullible”.
The undercover journalist who visited the British church and the British MP who condemned him acted ignorant of the antithesis of faith and logicality when they expressed surprise about how people were urged to give more money in return for blessings that were neither guaranteed nor cognisant of the realities on ground.

I Got Great S*x from A Guy Now I Want Him More Than My Husband –True Confession

I've been married for over three years now, am like every other married woman who is not so fulfilled with her marital life, i have never cheated on my husband before, i have tried to live my the book but it hasn't paid me well, i decided to turn around and taste what the other side of life is like, i haven't dated many men, i have always been the #goodytwoshoes#.

My husband cheated on me just a few moths into our wedding, i forgave him, we moved on, he did it again and again, i am tired of hearing pray for him and let him be that he will turn a new leaf. I cannot be sharing my man with everyone, you claim to love someone yet you screw around.