Monday, 22 October 2012

Must Watch VIDEO: Flood in Nigeria, Interviews with the floods victims

UPDATE: a few days after this video was filmed – Nigeria floods up to 2-3 metres high swept through peoples homes and Atani village has been abandoned.

(Nigeria News) The retired Colonel takes of his top and jumps into the river flowing through his home to reach his neighbour – but he must swim hard against the tide of water. In his long life, he has never seen a flood in Nigeria this bad.

“We’ve never seen this kind of flood in the history of this town,” says Paul Izukanne, a grey-haired retired Colonel. “I was already grown up in the Nigeria flood of 68-69 so I was a witness.”

The village of Atani sits on the banks of the Niger River in Anambra state and as the Colonel wades through the water to take us on a tour – the water levels continue to rise.

“The current is coming from both front and back so there is no remedy… there is no way to stop it,” Col. Paul explains in his effort to stop the water flowing into his home. “All is in vain – I will have to go the drawing-board to start again.”

Colonel Paul has lost his entire fish farm business and his 3000 fish have been carried away by the high waters. Local farmers can be seen in the video harvesting their yam crop early. The local generator and Glo mobile phone station is also flooded, threatening to cut off contact for the village.

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