Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Video – TB Joshua Heals a Man Who was Crippled For 10years

What you are about to watch is perfect demonstration of the same kind of miracle that happened in the life of the man at the Beautiful Gate in Acts3.

In a scene reminiscent of the biblical story where a crippled man begging for alms was healed by Apostles Peter and John at the Beautiful Gate, a man, Ajayi Ogunleye, is seen in the painfully dragging himself along the ground in clear distress, as the narrator describes his crippling condition that had lasted 10 years and resulted in him begging on the streets as a means of survival.

Joshua, who looks much younger, uncannily slimmer and far less groomed than now, is then seen walking in the midst of an excited crowd before stopping next to the man, praying for him and instructing him to rise up, in Jesus’ name. As the man slowly rises up and takes his first steps, Joshua quickly exits the
scene. Watch and see for yourself below and give God the glory!

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